Sequencing Platforms
澳门金沙4166.Am PacBio Sequel High-throughput Sequencing Platform

Based on the third generation sequencing service of PacBio Sequel sequencing system, it provides genome sequencing for humans and other living creatures. Through the construction of long fragment library, it can easily cross the GC content abnormal areas (too high or too low) and high sequence repeated regions without amplification and quickly complete sequence reading, bringing the genome information with unprecedented all-round detection, so as to achieve the integrity and uniformity of the sequence coverage.
Platform Advantage
  • Long sequencing read length

    Average sequencing read length of 10 ~ 18kb, the longest more than 40kb.

  • Ultra-high accuracy

    sequencing depth of 30 ×, the accuracy of 99.999% (Q50).

  • Uniform coverage

    3 No PCR amplification preference and GC preference


●  the Whole Genome  de novo sequencing

●the Whole transcriptome sequencing

● Apparent genetics

● Macro genome sequencing

● 16S rDNA full length sequencing

● Rare mutations identified